Sunday, May 29, 2011

Battery Gauge

Earlier this month, Frankie demonstrated to me his new toy on his HD...a digital battery gauge
He ordered it on line and was delivered a few days later...and he installed it immediately
Cost with shipping...was around $50
WOW! I thought for that price it was a pretty COOL gizmo

Will have to find one next month at the Americade motorcycle rally in Lake George NY
On the long weekend Lynn managed to scuff her front tire down to the wear bars through some twisties
So, to be on the safe side for our trip to Americade, we made a Saturday morning ride to Zdeno's Kitchener for a new front tire replacement
It was a damp foggy ride and we landed at Zdeno's around 9am
Al, at Zdeno's, quickly put the bike on a hoist and began working on it
By the time Lynn and I finished our morning coffee, at a Timmy's next door, the bike was already parked in front of the shop sporting a brand new tire and ready to go
While Lynn was paying for the tire, I browsed around the shop
Low and behold, on display, I came across the battery gauge Frankie had installed on his bike
At a price of $41.99 I quickly snagged it...and It was the only one available in the store
I can't wait to put it on my bike
Americade here we come...YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaa!
"Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight."
BTW more gauges are being ordered

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