Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Ride - Mystery Ride

Woke up this morning to a temp of 8*C....brrrrrrrrrr!
By the time I got dressed, putting on my flannel jean pants and an extra T-shirt, the temps rose to 14*C....alright!  Lynn and I got  to Timmy's but Darek and his SO (significant other-Edita) already had a coffee in hand

Adrian bundled up  for the chilly ride, he also was surprised of how quickly the temps warmed up
Lucky I had my sunglasses on, Mort rode in with an Olympia High Viz couldn't miss him!

Angelo came for a short ride...he had commitments at Casino Rama later in the afternoon. Dan Hill appeared from Newmarket and Steve Morris...what a surprise!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pennsylvania Labour Day Long Weekend - 2011 - Video

Despite the fact we have encountered rain free, sun filled weekend jaunts to scenic Pennsylvania, this past trip, for some reason, will be the most memorable.

The Weekend highlights were:

Rest Stop - Clarion River
 At our staging area Saturday morning, a Timmy's in NOTL, Darek rode in from Waterdown to bid us a warm Bon Voyage...what a delightful surprise!
- in the past Mark Taylor has joined us for the mind numbing QEW ride to NOTL
- at each stop Donna constantly adjusted her luggage straps and Kim affectionately referred it to her "strap-on" throughout the weekend
-  our crossing at Peace Bridge Fort Erie, Saturday morning, was a piece of cake...only 3 cars in line...WOW!...we were expecting a huge delay
- the weekend temps were unseasonably hot/warm & extremely humid with the temps hovering 29c Sat 28c Sun and 19c Mon...awesome!
- I remember in the past having to endure an early Mon morning start ride of a chilly 10c...teeth chattering riders couldn't wait to warm up their core body temperature at the first breakfast pit stop - Burger King