Monday, November 7, 2011

November Ride

Monday November 7th.

Nice enough for another quick ride today.

Headed out at 10:30 going west.  Rode Snake road, and towards Sydenham Road into Dundas.  A quick stop at the overlook on Sydenham and there were two long skate boarders getting ready to go down the hill into Dundas....

"How fast do you guys go on those things?"

"Oh ... on this hill up to 90 kph." 

The guys had jeans and t-shirts and helmets.  They wait for traffic to clear and off they go.  I think they were nuts.  I enjoy the scenery for awhile then I’m off down the hill into Dundas myself and here come the guys walking back up the hill to do it again. 

Oh to be young and invincible again.

Rode Mineral Springs and Sulphur Springs Road and stopped for a coffee at Tim’s on Wilson Street East in Ancaster.  Had one of the new coffees with the whipped cream and drizzle on top, all for a buck.  Very good.  If you’ve not had one yet, they are worth every penny.
Then headed back the way from which I came pulling into the driveway at 2:00 and another 150 K for the season under my belt.

I hope there are more great fall days to come.

Mark Taylor

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