Monday, November 7, 2011

Breakfast at Zet's

When Lynn and I arrived at Zet's, Dan and Dave Hes had already sequestered a sitting area.
  • Darek and Edyta showed up from Waterdown and were looking for 2 wheel Fred.

  • Low and behold Dan & Loretta from Palgrave appeared with the kids
  • On the way to Angus, Don Stoodley and Heather dropped in to have breakfast
  • Mark Taylor rode in on his BMW to have a cup of coffee
  • Mort rode in on his Kawi looking for Fred on his 2 wheeler
  • Right behind Mort, Daniela on her Honda and Sam on his HD pulled in and parked next to him
  • Donna Waters showed up wondering whether the temps will actually rise more than 6*C
  • Andy and Christine arrived sans bike
  • Finally, Fred and Kim arrived in their 4 wheeler
  • As the morning slipped by the temps rose
  • When Mark pulled away at noon, his BMW thermometer registered a balmy 18.5*
  • Upon hearing the temps, Lynn and Donna decided the warm temps warranted a quick afternoon ride
  • So, our departure of 1pm was slightly delayed due to Donna's dead HD battery
  • We rode into the Halton Hills area, did the wave to many other bikers getting their Sunday fix, and finally ended up at a Timmy's for some warmth.

  • It was a GREAT turnout for breakfast this morning and a fantastic ride in the afternoon

"Let the good times roll!"

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