Monday, August 9, 2010

Wolo Bad Boy Horn - Video

Over the past couple of years I've been itching to get a louder horn for my bike.
I have found, when activated, the OEM horn supplied to a motorcycle just doesn't get the proper attention when confronted in a serious traffic situation....

Click here for video

So, I was on a mission...where do I get a louder horn?
I have read stories, in motorcycle magazines, of people installing regular car horns to increase the decibels. Then I've heard you have to install a relay on a motorcycle to power the louder horn. Cars already have relays and motorcycles don't. Cars have copious amount space under the hood while motorcycles don't.
Last year, I bought a Fiamm horn - the diameter is a little bigger than stock - from Canadian Tire, for approx $19.99, and installed it on Lynn's bike...easy straight bolt on with no relay. It was a tad louder than a mouse fart but nothing to jar your teeth.
I wanted something so loud that it would make an inattentive SUV driver spill his Timmy's coffee.
So I googled "loud motorcycle horn" and came across the Wolo website. They sell a small compact motorcycle air horn complete with relay for $52.99US or a chrome one for $74.19
Did a visit to AutoZone and Napa AutoParts...nada...they haven't heard of such an animal....arrrgh!
Browsed through Canadian Tire a few weeks ago and noticed a Stebel horn selling in the $75 range....hmmm to much dinero$$$$$
Then I popped into Princess Auto...low and behold I accidentally came across a Wolo Bad Boy Horn with a relay. I got excited.  As I quickly walked over to the cashier to check-out my new found booty, beads of perspiration were starting to appear on my forehead.
What's this treasure going to cost me?
It was $29.99! What a score!
Installed the relay and horn on Lynn's Kawasaki 900 and WOW! this is a Bad Boy Horn!
Check-out the video for the comparison.

"Let the good times roll!"

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