Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lowbanks Ride - Sep 2010 - Video

Woke in the morning with a pounder...arrrgh!
Looked outside and noticed a grey overcast sky...arrrgh!
A barometric pressure headache...arrrgh!
Popped a couple of Tylenol pills...ahhh! Checked e-mail...read a couple of declined invites...hmmmm!

Pushed the bikes to the curb and felt a sprinkle of rain...arrrgh!
Lynn and I rode to Timmy's and took a gander to the west...skies were starting to lighten up... :)
Darek showed up from Waterdown and then Steve Morris from Clarkson
Got a call from Freddy stating it was drizzling in Kleinburg and he's waiting it out...arrrgh!
After a coffee and bagel we headed out under damp pavement
Darek asked "When is the next ride?"...Huh? We haven't left for this one yet
As we rode along Lake Shore Rd towards down-town Oakville the pavement totally dried out...WooHoo!
Near Burlington sketchy blue patches of sky were starting to develop...Yippeee!
At Grand Island BBQ , over a coffee and grilled cheese sandwich listened to Darek's travel to Sturgis, his woes with his aftermarket pipes called "Freedom Performance"...discussed technical issues regarding re-mapping Dyno-Jet and "O.E.M" products
Texted Freddy indicating skies have cleared and NO rain
He wrote back, claiming hostage to a computer crisis
Before we departed Dunnville Darek asked, "When is the next ride?"
While we were fuelling in Port Colborne, Darek again quizzed "When's the next ride?"
Did a quick stop at the Chippewa Inn for a tasty snack of fries...again I heard "When's the next ride?" Left Chippewa and headed for the Thorld Tunnel and listened to our pipes bark back
While traveling along the Service Rd did a pit stop at a Timmy's
As I walked towards the front door, in the distance I heard, "When's the next ride?"
After a final stop and re-cap of the day's ride, we said our goodbyes at a Timmy's on Lake Shore Rd Oakville.
As Darek rolled on the throttle and pulled away, I could hear between the rumbling of his Freedom Performance pipes, "When's the next ride?"
We all concluded, considering the wet weather in Toronto, for us it was an awesome day!

"Let the good times roll!"

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