Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chili Ride 2012

Lynn with her chili at Timmies
Thanks Al,

For leading a vunderful ride out to West Montrose and Elora Ont

Disappointingly, the "Kissing Bridge" was closed (likely having it's lips plumped) but that's OK cause it was a fine day for riding. 

After Elora Tony and Jody escorted us through the heart of Guelph where I have an interest in a commercial space.

Great town and lots of charm...BTW, on our way back home Kim and I found ourselves behind a group of
Harley's. As I pull up to the stop, I realized it's the same group from this morning at the Tim's.
(hope they found Horace?). Anyhow, we were easbound on Old School Rd at Airport Rd where it jogs right followed
by a quick left, one of the riders leaned it over too far and dropped the bike in the turn and left a nice
deep peg scrape in the pavement. I was behind and quickly pulled in front to warn oncoming traffic.

At this point several riders from his group had come to help him lift the bike. No real injuries,other than his pride.
PS- hit 14 degrees by the time we pulled in at 4:30pm

Fred and Kim
Frank and Darek discussing tire size
Darek zipping up and ready to go

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