Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day Ride 2012 - Al

Autumn leaf caught in Lynn's Kawi
This morning, looked out the window and witnessed wet pavement and patchy blue sky through my bleary eyes.

Appears the overnight thunderstorms had subsided giving way to a beautiful day

While Lynn was getting herself together, I rolled the Kawi’s out of the garage to the curb.

I could feel the warmth building in the air. It’s going to be a GREAT day for a fall ride.

Your hair looks GREAT!
As we rode along Lake Shore Rd noticed the tarmac was quickly drying from the sun’s rays.

north Hwy 427 up the 27 and then picked up the ramp leading into the Woodbine racetrack. To test my skills, I always enjoy riding through the racetrack to challenge their curves. Lynn and I were the first riders when we pulled into Timmy’s at Zenway and Hwy27.
Cool Kats  Kim & Tony

Shortly afterwards Fred and Kim appeared.

Our group eventually swelled when others riders from the GoldWing club rode in.
A caring call from Jodi informed us Tony was on his way and to hang in there.
Just before our 11am departure Andy and Christine rode in. They were late due to a mechanical – a dead battery.We coalesced then headed north on Hwy27 with Freddy leading the pack.
Rode through Kleinburg picked up a few side roads which Freddy had scouted out on his computer.
Cutting board $100.  YIKES!
The banter/chatter on the CB was quite entertaining when Freddy slowly meandered through some posh neighbourhoods. “Hey Freddy! Are you house hunting and taking us along for the tour?”
Eventually we surfaced onto Hwy 10 northbound and entered the Forks of the Credit with a circuitous ride to the Spirit Tree Estate Cidery on Boston Mills Road just south of Belfountain.
We ordered slices of pizza and took in the ambiance of this eclectic bakery.
Would you believe this building is insulated with bales of straw?
The price tags on some of the displayed merchandise were quite an eye opener.
Andy and Tony got a kick out of a 1 inch cutting board with a price tag of $55 and another a cheese cutting board for $100. Hmmmm…this place is definitely a magnet for yuppies living in the area.
Lynn and I had our pizza slice and then quickly hustled back home for our 3pm dance class.
Turned out to be a great day for the last kick at the can of the motorcycle season.
Again, thanks Freddy for leading and organizing this ride.

"Let the good times roll!"

Freddy ordering a slice of pizza

Andy and Tony in a serious discussion

A leaf caught in my Nomad

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