Wednesday, February 27, 2013

20 Signs of Spring In The GTA

Here are 20 signs of spring in the GTA:
1 Yes, a snowstorm is here but it will officially be spring in three weeks.
2 Mort is analyzing the maximum lean angle of his Kawasaki 900
3 It’s coyote mating season. Fluffy and Pookie are incidental, so keep them inside. The wild dogs are on the prowl.
4 Andy is cobbling a new Humber Instructors spring/summer/fall instructing schedule
5 The eastern sky is light by 6:30 a.m. Daylight Savings Time starts March 10, 2013

6 Dan Hill can’t wait to put his brand new Suzuki VStrom through it’s paces.
7 The construction cranes have turned off their Christmas decorations.
8 Christine has a roving eye for a new Honda CBR500
9 The coffee wars are on: “Roll up the Rim” at Timmies and a FREE small java at Micky D’s.
10 Derek is trying to figure out how woo riders to California
11 It’s officially too much trouble to clean the salt off your boots one more time.
12 Donna is scheming on how to quickly complete her addition on her house with Polish migrant workers and free her riding season
13 It’s time to sign up for kids’ summer camps and baseball and soccer teams NOW.
14 Don Stoodley is poring over his work schedule so he can ride
15 The Maple Leafs have a playoff spot, for the moment.
16 Tony & Jodi are scouring the Kijiji website for a deal on a motorcycle trailer
17 The price of gasoline is going up.
18 The Barrett’s are agonizing over which weekend to ride their motorcycles
19 The guy down the street is wearing chaps.
20 Freddy is plotting a new GPS route to the Allegheny Highlands

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