Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Bike

After OnStar Dave and I made a trip to A Vicious Cycle in New Dundee and back to pickup a bunch of accessories (aka Farkles) for my new Suzuki V-Strom 650 it seemed like the weather was taunting me to take that clean new bike out for a first ride.

I suited up in some warmer clothing and ventured out (without electrics) to go for that ride about 4:00pm. I tried to stick to the cleaner, and drier roads but some puddles were unavoidable. I took it for a run on some surface streets and from the top of the 404 to Aurora Road and back. 

I also did some parking lot practice tight turns, U turns and sudden stops at the Green Lane Go Train Station. The York Regional Police Officer, sitting in his cruiser with it idling the whole time, seemed mildly interested but not enough to drive over and get out of the warm car.

Going from the heavy Road Star to the V-Strom is quite a change and for a first short ride it was a good time.

I was amazed that the cage drivers were alert and courteous this early in the year.


PS So far I have the SW-Motech Engine guard, SW-Motech EVO Side Racks, top rack and the 3 aluminum Trax panniers that connect onto them (powder coated black), fork brace, Rad Guard, GIVI Skid Plate, Suzuki centre stand, Suzuki 12volt outlet, tool tube, New GPS mount for Garmin Zumo 550. Most of these items have not yet been installed yet but will be soon, riding seemed like a better idea today.

Farkle related OCD is a terrible thing for the bank account, but it does lessen the symptoms of Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.

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  1. Hey Dan, nice bike...Plenty more clearance than the Road Star will definitely lessen the sphincter effect.