Monday, September 20, 2010

Niagara Wine Run - Sep 2010 - Video

Once again a superlative Wine run led by the one and only Big Al..Weather was fabulous and turnout stupendous. A bevy of bikes showed up at the Tim's in Oakville under sunny skies and crisp morning temps.Attendees included our leader Al, his lovely wife Lynn, Dave H and Laura, Frank and Stella,Tony, Judy, Angelo (with new Italian horn), Matt and friend (met at Winona), Donna, Steve, Dave R,Derek and the Polish crew...

Quite the posse of bikes would have intimidated the hardiest of captains but big Al quickly tamed the elongated beast of bikes into an orderly parade of well coordinated rides.
Departing Tim's we quickly warmed our bikes with high revs and highway speeds.On the Niagara bound QEW we  exited at Eastport Dr meandering along what seemed our own private road paralleling the highway.
Southbound on Fruitland to Ridge Rd and northbound on a very twisty 8th Rd on our way to our first stop, Tims in Winona. A quick break and we regroup on our way to Vineland estates .We worked  our way around Grimsby, then south along Quarry Rd where a white SUV pulled out donning OPP colors...Whew not after us ..I guess 75 in a 60 doesn't warrant a chase. 
Upon arrival at Vineland we found lots of people and plenty of fast cars. Tony really liked the 500 HP Mustang GT.Kim decided to skip a purchase ..."Too busy in there". A line up Fiero's lined the road as we left for our second stop and lunch in Chippewa.
We decided to try a new eatery highly recommended by Derek,The Boat House.We began our trek east where we were met with a road closed sign at Decew Rd.Al cracked on the CB,."Ready for an adventure". 8 km later, back on Decew Rd we headed East towards Thorold and North along the Welland Canal.
It was now well past lunch so with the help of the GPS we hopped on the QEW and headed to Chippewa for lunch. Our waitress seemed a little flustered at first with the size of our party but in the end everyone was well fed and happy.Derek breathed a sigh of relief his recommendation made the grade. After lunch we meandered North along the Niagara Pkwy,past Niagara Falls and throngs of tourists .Smile everyone as tourists snapped pictures of our bikes..Past beautiful Niagara on the Lake we entered Lakeshore Dr and did a final stop for fuel in St Catherines.
Back on the QEW we began our ride home. In traditional fashion Al and his group bailed from the superslab in Hamilton for a more sedate and scenic lakeside drive while those of us who had further to travel stayed the course. It was a great day of riding and camaraderie..Thanks to all who participated and of course to  Al and Lynn for leading..
PS- "When's the next ride Al??"

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