Thursday, June 3, 2010

Americade 2010 Pt I - Video

- Left early Friday morning under sunny skies and warm temperatures
- Lynn rode her bike and I trailered my Kawasaki Nomad...Lynn had to get her riding fix in
- Arrived Lake George NY around 5pm under sinister skies, quickly set-up tent and covered it with a tarp
- Dan H arrived around 8:30pm
- overnight had a torrential lightning/rainstorm...but we surfaced unscathed
- Saturday...the skies cleared and the temperature soared to over 80*F...moved tent and set-up camp in another location
- noticed an oil leak on the floor of the bike trailer...Huh!
- upon close inspection, noticed driveshaft seal leaking on the Nomad...Yikes!
- will have to take the bike into Queensbury for a quick repair...arrrgh!
"Let the good times roll!"

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