Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Kick at the Can

Woke up early this morning to a temp of 2*C...Yikes!
After a brief livery, at Barney Danson's  funeral, the temps rose dramatically
By the time I got home, around noon, it was 14*C and Lynn was out taking a walk. As I was changing my clothes she returned with an exclamation, "Boy is it warm out there, let's ride!"

I rolled out the bikes from the garage and Lynn was all suited up ready to roll. We meandered towards Ancaster...picked up the "Linc" and boogied over to Winona for a hot apple cider drink. Before pulling into Timmy's had to ride up the escarpment and have a boo at the lake from Ridge Rd

Afterwards, leisurely cruised along Lake Shore Rd home. Before sliding the bikes into the stable, topped off the gas tanks and injected some "Sta-Bil" fuel stabilizer...sigh!
With this warm weather, lots of bikes out doing the "Wave" and probably getting in their last kick at the can...
...and how was your Sunday?
"Let the good times roll!"

I too, was out today..A quick little ride this morning to drop off pay cheques...A little too chilly (8 degrees) for my
Olympia summer jacket (forgot to put the liner in) Later in the day, ran some errands in the truck
and noted plenty of bikes taking advantage of the sunshine and temps in the teens. Took a picture
of this Harley dude with what appears to be a little silver bell just below the exhaust. Now can someone tell me the
purpose of this trinket?? An early Christmas decoration? or maybe an early warning system if he leans the bike too far??
These bells are referred to as Angel Bells. They are used to ward off road demons. Surprised you have not seen them being sold down at Americade..

Same use as the Italians hanging a rosary from the review mirror. 

Dan R

Thanks Dan and Al...A biker tradition or custom I've never noted...I'll have to look out for those at Americade

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