Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 13th Port Dover

Northern Ontario helmet apparel
After a hearty breakfast at Timmy’s, left this morning just after 9am

Cruised via Hwy403 and the backroads of beautiful Haldimand County - Jerseyville Rd., Cockshutt Rd., County Rd #3 and entered Port Dover through New Lakeshore Rd bypassing the throngs of bikers paddle walking their bikes along Hwy#6

After parking in a residential area, Lynn and I did a leisurely walk into town ambling past anxious bikers waiting for the line of traffic to move along.

Did a quick walkabout and then headed back home. Heaven forbid if Lynn missed her hair appointment.
Heading north on highway #6 we encountered waves of bikers heading for Dover.

As the weatherman predicted, turned out to be HOT sunny day for a quick ride to Dover.


"Let the good times roll!"


Traffic heading into Dover

The Arbor serving 12 inch hotdogs was very busy

Beach creep directing traffic
CTV crew on hand to televise the event

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