Sunday, August 5, 2012

Freddy's Lake Simcoe Scoot

As his signature tour, Fred does a splendid scoot around Lake Simcoe 
The sidestand was snapped up at 10am sharp and by the time we got to Barrie Kempenfest was in full swing
Had lunch in Orillia and then meandered along the eastern shoreline of Lake Simcoe
Before entering the palatial environs of Jackson's Point we had to wait and cross over a swing bridge 
Days highlights:
- Angelo met us at Timmy's to bid us adieu...he had golfing plans
- weather- glorious sunshine...and it was HOT

- Canal Road was under construction...lots of dust
- Kempenfest was busy...slow traffic along Lakeshore Dr
- at 10:10am the Romano's texted Freddy saying they were on their way...huh!

at the Orillia lunch stop, Freddy
 invited us to his abode for pizza ...BTW the weather was HOT
- text from Romano's - they are riding the lake counter clockwise...hmmmmm!
- very loud train horn blast scared Freddy...he expressed it vocaly over his CB
- Jackson's Point beach was extremely crowded...scenery was very pleasing to Don's eye
- the AC wasn't working at a Dairy Queen respite stop...arrrgh!...did I mention it was HOT
- at the Shell fuel stop a girl commented at how proficiently the ladies handled their BIG machines
- at Freddy's & Kim, 2 party size pizzas were devoured in no time...BTW Don hates mushrooms
- the Romano's never surfaced
- left Kleinburg under dark ominous skies
- Donna, Lynn and I boogied at a buck thirty to make it home before the rain kicked in
- all the traffic lights were red getting home...arrrgh!
- skies opened up 3 blocks from home...arrrgh!
- Don got soaked by time he got home
- for a half an hour Tony and Jodi had to take refuge at a Teriyaki restaurant before the storm subsided
- pulling into their subdivision in Rockwood the skies opened up, again, and they got drenched
- BTW it was a HOT day

"Let the good times roll!"

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