Thursday, August 9, 2012

Screaming Eagle

Hi everyone.
My name is Kacper but my parents call me Kacperek because I am little:)
I am 6 days old.
I will be a biker too,I heard like my father said to my mom: "he is future member of UCC and maybe a future president"-I like it:)
but for now I have not much 2 do,so I am eating,sleeping and "" a lot,
when I am hungry I am screaming of course,my father said the noise is like screaming eagle Harley's pipe,also he said if I will scream more like that,than few weeks he is going for motorcycle trip around the world for at least 5 years.
SE ya in few months,maybe in the winter time when uncle Al will invite me to breakfast at the Zet's Restaurant

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